Ferrari Crash YouTube: Daily Mail

“First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling.”

According to the Daily Mail, these were the ill-fated words of one unfortunate woman from Wenling, China, who ended up spinning out and crashing a rented red Ferrari 458 through a road divider and into an oncoming BMW X3 only moments later.

While her cringe-inducing statement was captured from within the luxury car, security camera footage shows the immediate aftermath of the Chinese’s woman’s struggle to handle the Italian sports car on the wet road.

WARNING: If the sight of a more-than $200,000 sports car getting seriously banged up is too much for you to handle, you probably won’t want to watch this.

As The Drive points out, a quick glimpse of the dashboard before the crash shows that the traction control had been turned off. Folks over on Reddit also speculated that 562-horsepower Ferrari may also have been placed on Race mode.

Whatever the case, you definitely have to feel some serious second-hand embarrassment for this lady. She was so excited to take a top-of-the-line Ferrari out for a spin, and rightfully so. But not only was her ride cut woefully short, because she also is going to be faced with some serious repair fees.

It really is such a shame. But, hey, you know what the say: With great (horse)power comes great responsibility.

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