chimp attacks police car
YouTube: RT

Chimp Escapes From Its Owner and Ruins One Police Officer's Day


Don't get me wrong, chimpanzees are certainly interesting to observe, but you damn sure don't want to get on their bad side. Nothing will make your heart sink faster than a monkey coming full speed at you with anger in its face. Take a look at this footage of what happened when an escaped chimp in Kansas City encountered this police car, along with a few individuals who were trying to capture it. Not pretty!

Now, apparently this monkey was someone's pet that had escaped from its chains. It wandered around the neighborhoods for quite some time before police even showed up, and when they finally did, things didn't instantly get much better. It's noted that they attempted to tranquilize the chimp at one point, but the attempt failed. Clearly, this must have irritated the primate, because the dashcam footage from the police car catches it pushing a trashcan into the front of the vehicle, then jumping on the car and smashing the front windshield.

Surely the officer in the car was sweating bullets during that moment, but luckily the animal jumps off shortly after. Also, I'm not entirely sure which individual is the owner of this chimp, but whoever was in the red shirt definitely has nerves of steel to be standing right next to it at a time like this. If that thing decided to attack, he likely would have been the next target. Luckily, the report stated that the owner was eventually able to coax the monkey back into its cage, putting an end to the craziness.


A chimpanzee and a suburban neighborhood don't exactly go very well together. I'm just glad that everything was taken care of before things got too out of control. Sure, the windshield got busted up, but that's a whole lot better than an innocent bystander getting hurt. Just use this as a reminder never to mess with a chimpanzee. Leave that one to the professionals.

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