eagle drops snake on car
YouTube: RM Videos

Eagle Throws Snake at Windshield, and the Whole Thing Was Caught on Dashcam



Coming in hot! If you're afraid of snakes, I'd recommend looking away from this video. Also, maybe just don't ever visit Australia, because there are over 170 different species of snakes there, and encounters with them are practically inevitable. Even for an Australian, this particular instance caught on dashcam would be enough to hit you by surprise.

These Australians were just casually cruising down the roadway, but ended up recording a pretty insane moment. After a few seconds of driving, we eventually see an eagle appear on camera, flying overhead and holding something. Shortly after, it swoops down and glides right along at the same height and direction as the moving vehicle. It almost appears as if the car is about to slam into the thing, but just a brief moment before contact, the eagle turns a different direction and avoids the danger.

However, the eagle did leave one thing behind: The snake that it was carrying in its claws. In fact, the bird dropped the snake right onto the windshield of this car while juking last second, resulting in the two passengers getting a good scare. They take a few seconds to try and figure out what the hell just happened, but then get a good laugh about the whole thing once their nerves settled a bit. Luckily, one of the occupants noted that they should save the footage, and it's a good thing they did, because the video later went viral.


It's not everyday that you get a snake dropped onto the windshield, and I'm a thousand percent alright with that. I am a little bit curious if that was a strategic move by the eagle, though. Maybe it wanted to go the easy route that day and have the car do the hard work for it. Did it pick the snake back up off the road after this? Certainly something to think about, but it was a wild moment nonetheless.

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