Who knew a little bit of snow could turn into this? The “this” I’m talking about was captured on dashcam in Silver Spring, Maryland, and showed a driver cruising down the highway when, all of the sudden, a pile of snow blew off of another driver’s roof and slammed right into the windshield of the filming car. Spoiler alert: It does some serious damage.

If you’re not from around areas with a lot of snow, you should know that clearing off your vehicle is extremely important for other drivers’ safety. In some places, you can actually get tickets for driving down the road with a bunch of snow caked on your vehicle. The reason for that is simply to prevent instances like the one shown in the video above. This driver was certainly not expecting this, and it just goes to show how quickly it can happen.

As a Honda Civic appears in the footage, you’ll notice what appears to be a pretty thin layer of snow on the roof. The speed at which the cars were traveling was enough to blow that snow into the air, amazingly flip across two lanes of traffic, and land on the other driver’s car. The video cuts off abruptly, but it’s clear that the window shatters instantly upon impact.

According to the description, the driver was unable to see anything after this, and was forced to pull over and have the car towed away. What’s even worse is the fact that the Honda driver likely kept going, sticking the other person with the full bill.

Use this video as your reasoning for taking a little extra time to clear the snow from your car before hitting the public roads, especially if you’re going to be on the highway. It may not seem like much, but you can save yourself and others a lot of unnecessary headache by doing so.


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