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No Snow Plow, No Problem: These Guys Got Creative and Plowed a Parking Lot With a Folding Table

If you're an outside-of-the-box thinker who's had to deal with limited resources at one point or another, you probably have a little bit of experience with crafting a DIY invention or two.

Well, here's a winter weather makeshift invention that you might get a kick out of: A folding table snow plow.

Now, is it the best way to plow a parking lot or driveway? Probably not. There are certainly plenty of better snow-clearing products available for purchase. But, if you can't afford a real plow, or similar machine, almost anything is better than nothing.

Using a cheap folding table and a little rope, a pair of brothers in Boise, Idaho managed to plow the parking lot in front of the family store with a sedan. Remember, it's not stupid if it works.

Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Of course, when it comes to plowing snow, you never want a folding table to be your first choice. So, if you're looking for reliable snow-clearing devices, there are plenty available for purchase online.

Take this electric snow thrower from Snow Joe. With a 15-amp motor that's capable of moving up to 720 pounds (!) of snow per minute, this machine is perfect for clearing snow off mid-to-large sized driveways and walkways.

Detail K2 Universal Heavy-Duty Snow Plow

While on the pricier side, the Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit from Detail K2, designed primarily for trucks and SUVs, offers a different kind of snow removal.

Easy to assemble and equipped with a two-inch front receiver hitch mounting system, the kit comes with a snow deflector, skid shoes, and blade markers. It's also able to be wirelessly controlled, so snow clearing is a breeze.

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This post was originally published on December 25, 2018.

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