Dashcam catches a car receiving instant Karma for speeding


We all speed from time to time. We don't like to admit it usually, but when you're in a hurry it always seems like a good idea. If it's 10:30 and McDonalds breakfast ends at 11:00, what are you to do? In this video we see what happens when you miscalculate a move by the car a head of you due to your increased speed.

Our view is from the dash of a car that is making a routine exit from the highway.  While in the marked exit lane we see a blue car come speeding by, side swiping the right side of the car before hitting the divider and taking out a pole. If that wasn't bad enough, the car flips multiple times before landing on its side.

According to the description in the video both drivers were OK, but they also learned a valuable lesson about speeding.

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