Watch a car get massive air trying to leave a bank in a hurry Robb Brilbeck /YouTube:

If Robb Brilbeck hadn’t posted this video to YouTube, chances are not many people would believe him that he saw a car bunny hop over a Hyundai at the bank.

The video, recorded by Brilbeck’s dash cam, shows the soon-to-be-airborne car sitting at a bank drive-thru, when, suddenly, it accelerates and leaps over a car on a nearby road.

The video, which was also posted on the not-at-all-dated site, Rockford Scanner, doesn’t show any of the aftermath of the accident, but it’s easy to imagine that the offending car is totaled. Hopefully the driver is OK.

H/T: Raphael Orlove 

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Will is an Atlanta native, who spends his time hiking with his dog, Marty, and seeing how deep he can submerge his Subaru in mud without ruining it; it’s more than he thought.
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