Kia launches over hyundai at bank
YouTube: Robb Brilbeck

Driver Launches Over Car While Trying to Leave Bank in a Hurry

If Robb Brilbeck hadn't posted the above video to YouTube, chances are not too many folks would believe that he saw a Kia Sorento bunny hop over a Hyundai at the bank. You know, other than the other drivers who were there to see it firsthand.

The video, recorded by Brilbeck's dashcam, shows the soon-to-be-airborne car sitting at a bank drive-thru in Rockford, Illinois, when, suddenly, it accelerates and leaps over a car on a nearby road.

"I saw a flying car at the bank in Rockford. Dec 23, 2017 at 10:10 AM," Brilbeck writes in the video's description. "I recorded this on my dash cam. I didn't think this was possible! In 1080 HD video."

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The video, which was also posted on the site Rockford Scanner, doesn't show any of the aftermath of the accident, but it's easy to imagine that the offending car is totaled. While we don't get much more information other than what Brilbeck included in the video's description, a YouTuber commenter named Brittany Brady claims to have been the driver of the Hyundai.

"Rob, thank you for putting this video up!" Brittany writes. "I was the person in the car that got run over! It happened so fast. The accident seems worst looking at it from the outside!"

Well, there you have it. If this lady is who she claims to be, it doesn't appear like things were too bad from a serious injury standpoint. Hopefully, that truly ended up being the case, because going to the bank can be a pain in and of itself, let alone when you're involved in a wild accident at one.

This post was originally published on January 11, 2018.

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