Atlanta meets its latest traffic nightmare: Nazi airplanes


In case Atlanta traffic wasn't bad enough, a... uh... history buff(?) had to make an unscheduled landing on GA 316 in Gwinnett, according to the AJC. The plane is registered to a Buford man, but the pilot, Fred Meyer, takes care of maintenance on the plane and built the engine for the aircraft. Unfortunately for Meyer, the engine he built cut out, forcing him to land on the street.

Thanks to luck and the pilot's skill, there were no reported injuries, and the plane even looks to be in decent shape.

But then there is that paint job. Meyer knows it may not be a popular choice, it seems to be based off of designs commonly found on WW2 era Nazi Luftwaffe airplanes and clearly has the associated markings, but he describes the scheme as, "just for fun." He added,  "A lot of people like to paint these planes up like old war birds."

Indeed they do. But, unless it is an actual survivor or even replica of an old Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf or Heinkel, why would you go out of your way to paint your plane to look like it lost a war?


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