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Cop T-Boned After Running Stop Sign, Arrests Innocent Driver

Michigan State Police officials have an important decision to make, as they review footage that shows an officer running a stop sign, causing a crash, and then proceeding to arrest the driver who crashed into him.

Security camera footage provided by a nearby Detroit homeowner shows an unmarked Jeep Patriot blowing through a stop sign. Moments later, 27-year-old Carlos Martinez T-boned the vehicle as it crossed the path of his red Honda Civic, sending the Jeep spinning onto the sidewalk, taking out a stop sign in the process. Shortly after the crash, the officer got out of the Jeep, ordered Martinez to get on the ground, and then arrested him.

Maria Martinez, Carlos's mother, who was riding with her son at the time of the accident, said that the officer confiscated her son's phone and license during the arrest and seemed more concerned with intimidating them than checking on how they were doing.

"All he kept saying was 'you hit a cop, you hit a cop, you hit a cop,' and at no moment say(s) 'how are you, are you okay?'" Maria Martinez told Fox 2 Detroit. "No, they just handcuffed him like a criminal."

"[Carlos] told him 'call my parents, call my mother.' The police officer say(s) 'you're 27 years old, you're old enough, you don't need no parents and plus you don't have no rights right now.'"

"He has no criminal history. He's not a criminal, he's never been in gangs You don't treat people like that. We're human beings."

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Carlos Martinez was treated for scratches and bruises, while the officer is currently out on medical leave with a broken rib and collar bone.

It is important to note, as several YouTube commenters also pointed out, that Martinez was likely speeding in the moments leading up to the crash. Neither he nor the officer are currently facing any charges, though a Michigan State Police investigation is still ongoing.

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