concrete block crushes car
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Massive Concrete Slab Crushes Car, Man Barely Avoids It


Over the years, we've shown plenty of instances of both drivers and pedestrians just barely avoiding near-death experiences. But, when it comes to close calls, it doesn't really get much closer than this.

A 27-year-old man named Alexander from Vladivostok, Russia was clearing snow from the windshield of his Nissan X-Trail, when, all of the sudden, a massive concrete block fell off a building, plummeted 100 feet, and crushed the car. Surveillance footage shows Alexander avoiding the block at basically the last second, escaping with his life.

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Per Metro:

An onlooker said: "Thank God no one was injured. A slab just fell almost hitting a man."

Later the fortunate driver posed with a bottle of beer to celebrate his 'second birthday' - the day of his astonishing escape. It was 'lucky' his daughter, five, was not sitting on the back seat, he said.

What a badass move! The guy had almost just died, and he celebrated the occasion by posing next to his messed-up car with beer in hand. Legend status right there.

But, despite the look on his face, Alexander was certainly bummed that his car was completely totaled.


When someone commented on social media to tell him he was now famous in the city, he replied: "Better my car was intact."

As it turns out, that wasn't the only instance of chaos that went down that day in the city of Vladivostok.

Another concrete slab fell from a nearby building in the same street, smashing a Toyota Passo, according to reports.

The city faced a night of "ice rain," causing trees to collapse and making roads treacherous.

Thousands of homes were left without electricity and heating.

Let this serve as a reminder that winter weather is definitely no joke. Especially in Russia.

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