Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship
YouTube: Ian Freeman

This Carnival Cruise Ship Crash Was One Hell of a Gigantic Disaster


If you look back at the state of Carnival Cruise Lines a few years ago, things were not looking so hot.

It was hit with a slew of predicaments involving capsized vessels or ships filled with sewage, and this video from back in 2013, showing a massive cruise liner breaking free from a tow and crashing into another ship, is just one of the many disastrous incidents from that period of time.

Sure, the cruise liner may seem slow from a distance, but anything that big is going to leave one heck of a mark at any speed! Someone definitely got in trouble for this accident, that much is certain.


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Now, the incident featured in the above footage, as mentioned before, was during a rough stretch of time for Carnival. In a matter of months, four of the company's 23 ships ended up having problems, usually relating to the overall conditions of the ships. In fact, things got so out of hand at one point that Senator Chuck Schumer even proposed a "Cruise Ship Passenger Bill of Rights."

"Cruise ships, in large part operating outside the bounds of United States enforcement, have become the Wild West of the travel industry, and it's time to rein them in before anyone else gets hurt," Schumer said in a statement back in 2013. "This bill of rights, based on work we've done with the airline industry, will ensure that passengers aren't forced to live in third world conditions or put their lives at risk when they go on vacation."

Strong words from the senator, no doubt, but considering how things were going at Carnival at the time, someone needed to say it.


This post was originally published on February 23, 2017.

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