car crashes into home

Car Crashes Through Roof of Home and Barely Misses Couple Sleeping Inside


Never in a million years would you think something like this would happen. On a weekend night, this couple was sleeping in their second-story bed, when they were awoken rather abruptly by a Chevrolet Malibu that had crashed through the roof. The car came to a stop just a few feet shy of the couple.

So, how does a car crash through the roof of a home? Well, I'm glad you asked. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, this car had two occupants inside the vehicle when it suddenly swerved off the road, collided with a pine tree, and then continued to tumble down a hill before crashing into the roof of the house. There was a small fire that broke out shortly after this, but it was extinguished quickly by the homeowner. Despite the severity of the crash, and the fact that the couple had two boys in the house, everyone made it out of this without serious injury.

Some of the pictures from the scene is a sight to behold. While the front end of the Malibu embedded itself into the house, the rear portion can be seen sticking straight up into the air from the exterior view of the house. They had to break out the big cranes to get this whole situation handled, and to finally remove the car from the house. It was a unique type of accident that even shocked the police officers on the scene. I can only imagine the feeling of being woken up by that.


It's an absolute miracle that no one was hurt during this. If I were those homeowners, I'd take that insurance check and buy myself a new home before anyone ends up replicating the scene on a different occasion in the future. Chances are pretty slim that it would ever happen again, but better safe than sorry. That was just way too close for comfort.

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