A street race turns into a disaster as cars destroy two homes


A street race quickly turned into a disaster in Union City, California after two cars crashed into two homes early Sunday morning.

According to KRON4, a BMW and a truck were street racing around midnight when the cars first took out a bus stop and then crashed into two homes.

The truck crashed into the outside of the duplex, but the BMW went through the wall of the home while a family of five were watching TV in the living room. The car came within a foot and a half of hitting them according to officials on the scene.

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There is a fire station close to where the accident occurred, and they immediately rushed to the home after they heard the collision.

The BMW then continued through the home and into another home where a family of two were sleeping.

Luckily, no one was injured during the crash, but the homes were damaged and can't be lived in due to the damage.

The driver of the truck was able to escape before authorities arrived, but the driver of the BMW is in custody.


(h/t KRON4)