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Trucker Dodges Several Icy Accidents on Oregon Highway


What we have here is one seriously skilled semi truck driver. Back in January 2020, a trucker named Doug was driving down a highway in Klammath Falls, Oregon, and road conditions were so icy that it caused absolute CHAOS. Cars, trucks, and even other big rigs were slipping and sliding every which way. Somehow, though, Doug was able to keep his composure and avoid a worst-case scenario.

As you can see from the below video's description, things could've gone very wrong, very fast.

"The highway was so icy there, all the vehicles were suddenly sliding out of control and a big rig slid directly into oncoming traffic, headed straight toward Doug," the description reads. "He was able to maneuver through three big-rigs thanks to the foresight and help from other truckers as well as Doug's advanced driving skills. Thankfully, there were no collisions and everyone made it through events safely. Afterward, a pickup truck does a 360 spin in both lanes of the highway and another big rig heads into oncoming traffic in front of Doug but with more warning."


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"Prime example of why truckers are not paid enough," wrote one YouTube commenter. Hey, it's hard to disagree with that. It's hard enough as it is to professionally drive a truck. The long hours, the grueling pace, dealing with other impatient drivers. And, then to throw in dangerous road conditions on top of that? You're basically just adding fuel to the fire.

Thankfully, it looks like not just Doug, but all of the other drivers involved in the wrecks were able to recover fairly well. Especially because we've seen all too often what it looks like when things go the other way. And, it ain't pretty.

This post was originally published on January 16, 2020.


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