6-car rear end crash
YouTube: ViralHog

6-Car Rear-End Accident Gets Caught on Dashcam, and It's Almost Comical


When you jam on your brakes unexpectedly, it gives the vehicles that are behind you less time to react, and it definitely doesn't help the situation if those drivers aren't paying attention. This accident happened in Thailand just last month, and I definitely didn't expect this to turn into a six-car accident.

You can see at the very beginning of the video that there's a person standing in the road stopping traffic for some reason. This is initially what causes the driver of the first vehicle to hit their brakes in the first place. The white hatchback practically comes to a complete stop because of this, and unfortunately, there were a couple cars behind it that were following a bit too closely. The second vehicle in the line is then forced to apply brakes a little harder, and the third vehicle only gets stopped with a few inches to spare.

The fourth vehicle in the line, however, doesn't exactly get slowed down in time. They rammed into the third car, causing that to then hit the second car. Then, we get another surprise. We hear the sounds of screeching tires and, a few seconds later, a truck comes into frame slamming into the line of cars. This pushed the fifth car into the fourth car and the fourth into the third. It was just an absolute mess for a little bit there, and it very likely could have been avoided if they had their eyes on the road. That, and keeping a further distance away from the car in front.

It's so unexpected, and since we can hear the reaction from the dashcam vehicle, it's almost comical to watch the whole thing play out. He lets out an "oh" for just about every single collision. You don't want to get wrapped up in a situation like this, so be defensive and drive safely out there!

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