40 mph motorcycle crash
YouTube: ViralHog

POV Video Shows Biker Smash Into Gate at 40 MPH


Riding a motorcycle down a scenic country road is all fun and games until you crash HARD into a gate at around 40 MPH. That's what happened to one motorcyclist in the United Kingdom county of Hampshire, and judging from the footage, it did not look like it felt good. I mean, that smarts. That really smarts.

Considering the speed that this guy was traveling at before smashing into the gate (it looks like he was able to slow down a little bit before impact), he's lucky he didn't seriously mess himself up here. If he hits that at full speed, there's a good chance he's walking away with a lot more than a smashed-up phone.

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"I was exploring around my local area when I hit a gate at around 40 mph," the biker wrote in the video's description. "Somehow, I did not get injured much more than a few bruises. The bike was also fine apart from a smashed headlight. I rode home after the crash."

Potential for serious injury aside, the casual way this guy just says, "I'm good. I'm just winded. Testicles popped, probably" is laugh-out-loud funny. Clearly, he's able to keep a good sense of humor after an incident that could've ended a lot worse.

Honestly, he probably should've been way more pissed off about the whole thing, considering that the gate was so unnecessarily camouflaged. I mean, why paint the gate green when everything around the damn thing is also green? It was like a specially-designed death trap for any motorcyclist with the misfortune of riding down the trail.

Thankfully, this bloke made it out in one piece to ride another day.


This post was originally published on September 9, 2019.

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