The Jammock Is the Best Jeep Accessory Yet


If you're not taking your Jeep Wrangler on vacations, what are you even doing? It's an impeccable vehicle to take on camping trips. Once you've reached a destination on your next backcountry trip, don't rush to set up the tent. With Jammock's Wrangler hammock, you've got yourself a nice hangout spot.

This heavy-duty hammock works perfectly with Jeep Wranglers. It has a 350-pound weight limit, and is made from water-resistant denier cordura nylon. It's perfect for an off-road trip when you need a break from driving. The Jammock should last plenty of years since it has a high edge to prevent straying. It has fantastic customer ratings on Amazon, and surely if you own a Jeep Wrangler you'll enjoy using a Jammock, too.


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Fitment: All Jeep Wrangler Models from 1987 to present. The Jammock attaches to roll bars with two straps and NRS buckles for a secure fit.


The Jammock is versatile. It can be used as overhead storage when the top is on and also functions as a wind-jammer. You've also got yourself a nice sunshade when you're driving. Remember to be safe with the Jammock, it's only supposed to be used with the parking brake on. Have yourself a nap on a Jeep hammock while camping, enjoy a nice night of stargazing, or catch some rays after a swim.

If you're impressed with the Jammock, check out U Jammock's hammock for truck beds that are also in stock. Get a headstart on Christmas for the Jeep lover in your life.

This post was originally published on September 11, 2019.

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