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5 Useless Accessories Every Truck Owner Should Avoid


Sure, there are millions of truck accessories available out there, but that doesn't mean you have to put them on your truck.

From off-roading to practicality to style, you can get a seemingly infinite number of truck accessories these days.

But should you? Here are five useless truck accessories that you should definitely avoid at all costs.

Oversized Exhaust/Rolling Coal


Diesel vehicles got a bad rap in the 1980s due to their black-soot exhaust and heavy emissions, but for some reason, diesel truck drivers think it's cool to tune the truck to dump a cloud of black exhaust out the tailpipe under heavy acceleration.

To make matters worse, some even put oversized exhaust outlets either oddly positioned under the bed or a pair of stacks in the bed emulating a big rig. Both are great ways to get ostracized by car lovers and tree huggers alike.

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Truck Nutz

Yes, these rear bumper accessories can still be spotted on trucks and SUVs these days, and it's a great way to easily identify a tasteless truck owner.


Of the thousands of truck accessories that are available to spruce up an unused trailer hitch, it's baffling that a set of testicles for such a purpose ever got popular in the first place.

LED Light Bars

Don't get us wrong, LED lights come in very handy for off-road driving, but to have several light bars on a vehicle for aesthetics is one of the most obnoxious truck accessories out there.

Making matters even worse are the drivers who feel compelled to drive around at night with these "off-road only" lights blinding fellow motorists.

Angry Eyes

Jeep Wrangler owners can get away with overly accessorizing their vehicles, but when it comes to angry eye grilles, these are almost as goofy as the oversized exhaust on diesel trucks.


Not only do they serve no purpose, but they take away from the classic Jeep styling, which Jeep purists are often very passionate about.

Too Much Chrome

Perhaps the most overused accessory of any type of vehicle is chrome whether it's grilles, wheels, door handles, mirrors, window trim or those annoying fake fender vents.

Just a word of advice, stay away from all chrome bits that your auto parts store sells... unless you're looking for a chrome alternator or valve covers for your hot rod, of course.


This post was originally published on January 21, 2019.

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