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This Amphibious Trailer Does It All and Then Some


Here in America, we love the outdoors. Entire industries have been created around our fascination with nature. We camp in woods and forests and engage in all types of recreational activities on the water. We have a long history of exploring nature and creating new ways to enjoy it.

That being said, enjoying nature can become pretty pricey over time. If you want a boat for the water, a camper for the woods, and all types of other recreational vehicles and gear, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars. It's pretty clear that we want to spend as much time outside as possible. The best way to do that is to buy one recreational vehicle that does it all. Introducing the Water Bug.

Ever wanted to own the ultimate combination of a boat, trailer and camper? Well, look no further. A fan of Alt_driver sent over this video showing off the awesome Water Bug. It's not only a handy trailer that can float, it's also a functioning watercraft that can serve as a boat and even an on-the-lake camper!


The Mutant Water Bug miraculously does it all. It has the buoyancy of a boat and can take off speedily. It's an "amphibious platform," meaning it has the strength and durability of a fully-functioning trailer and somehow works as well as any boat on water. The elevated platform also makes setting up a camping tent twice as easy because of the height.

The Mutant Water Bug is the Swiss Army knife of outdoor recreational vehicles/tools. It loads, it floats, it provides a base for your tent as a camper. The main advantage of owning one of these bad boys is that it cuts prep time in half, so you can get straight to the fun. Who needs to load a boat onto a trailer when your trailer IS THE BOAT?! Why lug around an expensive camper when your trailer can transform into a camper? The Water Bug helps you get to what really matters faster.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2016.

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