We’ve seen a lot of ridiculous fails when it comes to using a truck to either pull down a tree or rip out a stump, but nothing like this. In fact, we’re not entirely sure what these guys were thinking.

Did they not realize that trees are pretty damn strong, and they would’ve had to have actually gotten a little bit of work done first to take this thing out of the ground? I mean, this isn’t exactly a “hook it up and let ‘er rip” type situation. At any rate, have a good laugh at this hysterical failure!

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Yikes! Unless this was an America’s Funniest Home Videos audition tape, we’re not really sure what the end goal was with this whole process. Not to assume (because that would make an ass out of u and me), but this seems more like a “hold my beer” moment than a legitimate attempt to get any work done.

Whenever someone busts out the cell phone and presses record, some people will do anything for a few seconds of viral attention. Even if that means ruining a truck or even flying out of one. Here’s hoping that the bruised ego and probably several actual bruises was worth it for the one million (and some change) YouTube views.

It seems like about a minute or so’s time was put into the actual execution of this project, and even less was put into the whole brainstorming process. With that in mind, it all just goes to show you that there’s a thin line between redneck ingenuity and redneck stupidity, and these dudes definitely crossed it.


This post was originally published on October 20, 2016.

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