half car tow rig
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This Purple Chevy Lumina Is Actually a Half-Car Tow Rig


Jet boats are pretty awesome. You've got speed and water, and some really gnarly aerodynamics going that seem to break all the rules of physics.

So picture it: You're out on the lake, watching these things cruise at around 115 miles per hour over the water, when you turn around and see a...Chevy Lumina? Not in the parking lot, with the rest of the spectator vehicles. In the water!

Check out this incredibly unique jet boat with matching tow car. When we first see the partial purple car backing into the water, your first thought may be "their insurance company will NEVER believe this." (Pro tip: No, they won't. Do not attempt at home.)


But, as the camera spins around to reveal the inner workings of the towing contraption, your thoughts may soon change.

First, you'll notice the super chromed-up, throaty sounds coming from the boat. While we don't have this particular competitor's complete specs, that's a mountain of an engine surrounded by a very small floating craft. When you figure these bad boys are capable of ripping around complicated courses with 90-degree turns on open water, you might feel a little inspired to turn up the heat on your local fishing pond.

Then you watch this gal -- that's a female driver, by the way -- load up on to her tow rig, easy as can be. The car pulls forward to reveal the towing rig has been submerged this whole time. A few hooks and pulls, and the whole thing drives out of the water in one smooth go.

Now, if you've ever towed a boat before, you know that it's just not this easy. There's usually a lot of swearing involved, someone gets soaking wet, and friendships are challenged. This unique rig requires just a little finesse before the lightweight purple boat is tugged out of the water to home.


All in all, this seems like the perfect way for this woman to show up to a race, throw down, and drive home all in the same afternoon.

This post was published on December 13, 2016. 

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