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Tractor With All the Bells and Whistles Demolishes a 975-Pound Pumpkin


When it comes to power equipment, Ventrac compact tractors are among the best that money can buy. One of the few models that the company has in stock is the Ventrac 4500 and just a quick look at its specs will show you that it is one quality machine.

We're talking all-wheel drive, up to 30 degrees of slope operation, a center articulating/oscillating frame for better flexibility and traction on slopes, intuitive SDLA controls, and a whopping 30 attachments equipped to deal with turf maintenance, soil preparation, and debris and snow removal.

The description of those features alone might be enough to convince you to go out and buy this beast of a machine, but Ventrac isn't just about telling, they're also about showing. And, not in the most traditional way either, as you'll soon be able to tell from this outrageous video from 2015.


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Hot damn! That thing is no joke. Using some of its many attachments, including a trencher, power bucket, stump grinder, and snowblower, the Ventrac 4500 absolutely decimated nearly a ton worth of pumpkin (aka a whole hell of a lot of pumpkin).

Apparently, this wasn't the only time that Ventrac tractors demonstrated an ability to lay the smackdown on some unfortunate gourds. Let's just say that 100 of the orange orbs stood no chance against the Ventrac 4500's KX523 snowblower.


Honestly, we could watch Ventrac's pride and joy lay waste to pumpkins all day. Of course, you likely wouldn't be doing all that much pumpkin carving if you ended up getting a 4500 for yourself, since it's, you know, not the most practical of applications.

That is, unless you happen to make a YouTube channel dedicated to all-out pumpkin demolition. Which, to be fair, probably wouldn't be all that bad of an idea.


This post was originally published on July 30, 2018.


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