truckers trap mercedes driver
YouTube: Mickey Startraveller

Truckers Trap Mercedes Driver on Highway, and He's Not Happy About It


It happens all the time: A lane is closing up ahead, and drivers shoot into the open lane to cut in at the last second and secure a position past the bulk of the traffic. However, this video shows two truckers doing exactly what we all want to do every time we witness these moments. Check out this wild incident on the M1 in Hungary in the video above.

Of course, this guy also had to be driving a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes drivers already have the stereotype of driving inconsiderately, and this guy isn't exactly proving that wrong. The lane that the trucker occupied was closing within about a half a mile, and he positioned himself in this way to deter people from attempting the "cut-in" technique. Well, this Mercedes driver didn't take too kindly to that, and decides he's going to get around the trucker by hitting the shoulder. Little did he know that this truck driver wasn't going to give up that easy.

Once the car got into the shoulder, the trucker veered over there as well, blocking him once again and basically pushing him into the grass with nowhere to go. This only caused further frustration, which then persuades the driver to try one more juke on the truck. He cuts back into the right lane, and once again, the trucker was having none of it. You can visually see how frustrated the car driver gets while he blares his horn, but he kind of asked for it. Seeing as the two semi trucks sitting next to each other are from the same company, I can only imagine how much they were cracking up over the radio as this played out.


I'm glad this was captured on dashcam. On most occasions, these impatient drivers get away with it, but it's always satisfying to see one get stopped in their tracks. If we could all just grasp the concept of the proper "zipper method" merge, it wouldn't be an issue to begin with, but don't hold you breathe on that one. Until then, we'll continue to see moments like this.

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