2-year-old in locked maserati
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Little Girl Locked Inside Maserati Needs a Tiny Bit of Help From Dad to Get Out


Having a young son or daughter locked in the family car is every parent's nightmare, and too often, these sorts of scenarios end in tragedy. Thankfully, this incident that went down in Boston ended on a happy note, due to a little bit of coaching from the trapped toddler's dad.

At two years old, being locked inside a Maserati probably isn't something that London has had to deal with too often, but, as you can see from the below video, the little girl stays composed and figures her way out.

It did take a little bit for her to understand which buttons her dad was talking about (almost hitting the push-button start was the biggest heart attack moment of the video), but she gets the job done.


Judging from the video, it doesn't seem like London's all that nervous or upset, but you have to imagine her parents were sweating just a little bit.

"We were loading the luggage leaving the Lenox Hotel in Boston, and had our daughter London sit in the car so she wouldn't run into the street as we loaded with the valet," reads the video's description.

"The valet accidentally shut the door with London and the keys inside. London was not yet buckled into the car seat so Andrew and Christine (dad and mom) coached the 2-year-old to jump into the driver's seat and unlock the door. She unlocks the car to our amazement and surprise. No AAA needed!"

Great job, London! Now, we're not going to point fingers at everyone who DIDN'T do a great job in this scenario (basically everyone besides the daughter), but it's just a relief that everything worked out okay in the end.


This post was originally published on December 3, 2020.

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