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This Snow Shoveling Hack Will Apparently Eliminate Painful Back Bending

The winter season can be absolutely brutal on your ride. If the roads aren't covered with black ice and snow, then they're soaked in brine, and your car will have a nice layer of salt dust to prove it. The worst part for some of us when it comes to winter driving isn't even on the road, but can be contained to the driveway.

Shoveling snow is a painful part of winter. While there are a lot of gimmicky tools out there, all you really need is a basic shovel and a good length of rope tied between the head and the handle. With a little more leverage, you can shovel faster and more effectively without bending your back! Just check out the below video for a few quick tips that will change the way you shovel your driveway for the better.

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Now, if you try that shoveling technique, but still feel that you could stand to up your snow removal game a bit, you may be in the market for a new shovel. There are a number of effective and affordable shovels out there, like the SHOVELUTION 18-inch Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel from Snow Joe. It even comes with a spring-assisted, strain-reducing handle, so you'll no longer have to deal with bending over and straining your back for that heavy snow load.

There's also the J&M Enterprises Snowplow 24" Snow Pusher, which has a D-Style handle grip for added effectiveness and comfort, as well as strong and versatile blades that come available in a number of different sizes.

With a good shovel and quality shoveling technique, you'll driveway will be clear of all that prohibitive snow and ice in no time. Now, the roads may be another story. That's a whole other lesson in defensive driving for another day.

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