slip n slide in moving truck
YouTube: Funk Bros

This Slip N' Slide in a Moving Truck Is As Fun As It Looks and Then Some

Slip N' Slides are awesome. What's not to love about water and speed on a hot day? The faster the slide, the better. Americans have gotten pretty inventive with the Slip N' Slide over time, arranging it in creative patterns and launching it from different angles.

This Slip N' Slide takes the cake. Popular YouTubers the Funk Bros decided to take their Slip N' Slide up a notch and raise the stakes. Since motion is such a huge part of why Slip N' Slides are great, they figured the way to get the best experience was to create constant motion. They rented a 26-foot moving truck and filled the truck bed with water to create one of the craziest Slip N' Slides ever made.

Slip N' Slide Shenanigans

The guys got the truck bed slippery, and once the truck got moving, it was absolute mayhem. The Funk Bros had no way of keeping balanced or staying in one place. The motion of the truck created perfect Slip N' Slide conditions. It wasn't long before the Funk Bros were flying all over the truck bed uncontrollably.

A mobile Slip N' Slide is absolutely genius. Usually, the fun of a Slip N' Slide only lasts a few seconds as the person goes down the slide, but the Funk Bros found a way to keep the fun going. Though it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves, there was definitely some pain involved with the stunt. This isn't the best idea for small children, because they will be tossed around the truck bed.

The Funk Bros are no strangers to dangerous shenanigans. This mobile Slip N' Slide was right up their alley. They got the results they had hoped for, especially when their friends floored it while they were inside the truck bed. Life is better when lived on the edge. I won't be jumping into a wet mobile truck bed anytime soon, but at least I can live vicariously through these guys.

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