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Guys Try Rescuing Stuck Rally Car, But It Ends in Disaster


You're familiar with karma, right? The idea of what goes around comes around? Time and time again, we've seen karma work itself out on the road, typically when a terrible act ends in the perpetrating driver or drivers getting their just desserts.

Of course, there's the other side of karma, too. Do a good deed, get rewarded accordingly. Usually, when you attempt to assist other drivers in need, you're rewarded with good karma. Now, I say usually, because sometimes, an attempt to play Good Samaritan can end terribly for the would-be Good Samaritan. If you watch the below video, you'll see one of those unfortunate times when a fellow driver's good intentions ends up biting him the ass.

As the video's description reads, "One of the cars that was part of Gumbalkan, a cheap car off-road rally from Czechia to Romania in non-off-road cars, got stuck in the mud."


"His mates tried to pull him out of the mud but as the cars are really cheap and really bad, he lost his front. Funny thing is as he did not have new headlights so he just put tin foil back there instead of headlights. That's what you get for helping your friends."

As one YouTube commenter puts it, "1st rule in off roading. Use truck not car. Duh." He's not wrong. Rally car racing is fun at all, but rallying and off-roading tend to not mix all that well. I mean, just look at the cars that these folks are working with. Not exactly made of the highest quality materials.

Then again, could the towing job have been pulled off with a little more finesse on the part of the driver? Probably.

This post was originally published on August 26, 2019.


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