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We Spoke With the CEO of Sisu Energy. Here's How the Texas-Based Company Is Helping Truckers During Tough Times


All you experienced truck drivers in need of work out there need to take a second to look into this: A company called Sisu Energy has been paying experienced CDL owner operators $14,000 per week. It may sound too good to be true, but it's actually the real deal.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many truck drivers left the industry, due to a lack of product to haul and reduced rates for loads. The trucking industry was already facing a driver shortage prior to 2020, and this only made things even more severe. Once the demand for products increased, those former drivers had already settled into a new industry. Essentially, this left demand high and supply low. As you may have been able to tell, certain goods have drastically increased in price over the last few months, and this is certainly a factor in that. The oil and gas industry is a perfect example of this.

That said, businesses still had to operate, and Sisu Energy founder and CEO Jim Grundy had to find a way to keep things moving. His solution was to offer experienced owner operators a rate of pay that was too good to pass up. The company has been giving drivers a special opportunity to earn over $14,000 each week. No matter what freight you're hauling, it's practically impossible to find another trucking company offering pay in the same realm as this.

With rates this high, there's bound to be skeptics, but it's been confirmed by both the owner and others who have worked with the company. In fact, I had the opportunity to speak with Jim Grundy personally. Through our conversation, he enlightened me on what Sisu Energy is all about.


What Is Sisu Energy?

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Sisu Energy is a transportation service company in the oil and gas industry that's made up of 100 percent owner operators. Sisu is dedicated to being the greatest asset a trucker could ask for. According to Grundy, "Our job is to optimize their business."

The name Sisu is a Finnish concept that essentially translates to "extraordinary determination." The company's logo includes a wolf, which is also rather significant. They live by the ideology of the wolf pack. Simply put, there's power in numbers. As their pack of drivers gets larger, so do the financial benefits of working with Sisu Energy.

This Texas company is making waves in the industry. Trucking is a tough job, there's no doubt about it, and it's Sisu mission to help you maximize your earning potential, making the rewards for hard work that much sweeter.


How Does Sisu Energy Work for Truck Drivers?

So, what does that mean for all you haulers out there? Well, let's talk about some of the requirements.

First and foremost, you'll need a few years of experience before you qualify. As discussed before, you'll also need your own tractor and ideally a pneumatic trailer to go along with it. Sisu drivers are typically hauling frac sand, salt, sodium tablets, crushed glass, and a few other materials. As far as endorsements and other requirements, you'll need a PEC card, Safeland certification, and H2S training.

If you don't have absolutely every requirement, there's still some good news. Grundy says, "we have a social responsibility that if they don't qualify with us, we can help push them forward." Basically, they can help put you on track so that you can join them later down the road.

For those who do qualify for Sisu, here's where things get really good. You'll never have to worry about waiting on work, and frac sand drivers have the ability to earn 83 percent of what the truck brings in. OTR drivers will earn around 85 percent. This is significantly more than most other companies are willing to offer. Amazingly, top earners have the potential to make more than $14k each week. They take pride in this because "your business is our business."


On top of that, you get impressive benefits with Sisu, including a 55-cent discount on fuel, cheaper insurance, weekly pay, and the lowest weekly fees in the industry. These are only just a few things you can expect.

Sisu Energy is still actively hiring drivers, so don't miss this opportunity to join. Their main office is located at 2400 Handley Ederville Rd Ste 200, and you can visit their website for step-by-step directions to apply.

I'd love to see more companies hop on this train, because these drivers truly deserve to be rewarded for the work they put in. It's estimated that 1.1 million truck drivers will be needed over the next 10 years, and it'd be much easier to recruit them with a more reasonable rate of pay like Sisu is offering.

This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.


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