quickest way to launch boat by yourself
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Video Shows One of the Quickest Ways to Launch a Boat by Yourself

Taking your boat out for a solo fishing trip or just a scenic cruise can be an incredible way to blow off some steam. That said, if you don't know how to effectively launch and load a boat by yourself, you can have a wrench thrown in your relaxation plans BIG TIME. One second, you're pumped about the prospect off some well-deserved unwinding time, and the next, you're regretting even leaving the house that day.

As we've shown on Alt_driver several times before, failed boat launch and loading attempts can happen pretty often, and not only do they bring unwanted stress, but they can seriously ding you financially, too.

Thankfully, Luke Simonds from Salt Strong is here with a super helpful video that shows the quickest way to load and launch a boat by yourself. Talk about an absolute game-changer!


While Simonds lays out the solo launching and loading process in more detail in this article, here's just a quick overview of the simple step-by-step process.

Per Salt Strong:

Tips for Launching a Boat by Yourself
1. Attach a Long Rope to the Front of Your Boat
2. Have All Your Gear Ready Before Launching Your Boat
3. Do a Hard Stop to Help Your Boat Slide Off the Trailer

Tips for Loading a Boat by Yourself
1. Tie the Boat Off at the Back of the Dock and Back Your Trailer Straight Down the Middle of the Ramp
2. Get on Your Boat, Untie the Rope and Give a Small Shove Off the Dock
3. Drive the Boat Up the Trailer and Attach it to the Trailer Winch

Seems easy enough, doesn't it?

If the instructions didn't click for you the first time around, be sure to go back and rewatch the video as many times as it takes. Better to be slow on the uptake than to just wing the whole thing and risk seriously damaging your boat or truck.

This post was originally published on July 28, 2020.

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