motorbike to mow lawn
YouTube: ViralHog

Florida Man Uses Mini Bike to Mow Lawn


Cutting your grass in the middle of the summer heat is never a fun chore, especially when you live in the South. But, leave it to a Florida man to come up with a new way to get the job done quicker. Simply grab your motorcycle from your garage, strap it to your mower, and twist that throttle. You'll quickly finish up the work, and you'll even feel a breeze as you ride along.

I can't blame this driver for stopping and having a good laugh while recording this video. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't do the same thing. That's definitely not something you see everyday. Well, maybe you see it in Florida, but for everyone else, this is pretty hilarious. The guy riding the bike seems to be having fun as well. I wonder just how many beers were cracked open before he got this brilliant idea.

For as problematic as strapping a mower to your bike sounds, the idea surprisingly works pretty well. Now, this guy might have some wavy patterns going on. I'm not entirely sure what route he's following, but I mean, he's still cutting the grass. If you can actually manage to drive it along the grass line accurately, you can get a professional job without ever having to leave the seat of your motorcycle.


Florida, you never cease to amaze me. It seems like everyday you guys get to witness some insane moments. This guy likely finished up cutting his lawn in record time, and you know that means: He gets to grab another ice cold beer as a reward!

I fully support any way that cuts down on the time spent doing chores, so we can get back to doing what we actually want to be doing. Which is normally anything but yard work.

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