Lawnmower liquor store

Man Riding Lawn Mower Through Drive-thru Liquor Store Is an American Hero


Source: Lawnmower Rides Through House of Bourbon Drive Thru by ViralHog

In my humble opinion, one of the best inventions in modern American history the history of the world is the drive-thru liquor store. More than half of the states in the great US of A have them, and, honestly, I'm really shocked that all 50 haven't jumped on board at this point. Not all that surprisingly, Kentucky is one of the states to have drive-thru liquor stores, and you can bet that most of the folks there take full advantage of the convenience.

But, you probably won't find a single person in Kentucky, or maybe even the country, who is more suited for the existence of a drive-thru liquor store than the guy in the above video who rolled up to a House of Bourbon store in a freakin' lawn mower.

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Here's a brief description of this wonderful scene, according to the person who uploaded it.


Per Rumble/ViralHog:

"I pulled into the House of Bourbon liquor store. As I drove around the building to the drive-thru, I was shocked at what I saw in front of me. A man was on a lawnmower was being handed a case of beer through the drive-thru. I immediately started videotaping."

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Right here, this is a man living his best life. Maybe he just got done mowing his lawn and was really in a rush to grab some post-work beverages. Hell, maybe that lawn mower is the guy's only mode of transportation. It doesn't really matter. He's a gentleman and a patriot either way.

Cheers to you, good sir. May you enjoy every Bud Light from now until the end of your days.


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