John Deere 9630T and a Case IH Quadtrac STX535 tug of war
YouTube: Blair Kosokowsky

John Deere Tractor Gets Dominated in Tug of War Contest

If you were to see two tractors out in a field, your first thought probably wouldn't be, "Oh, these two machines are about to face off in a tug of war contest." But, back in 2010, a John Deere 9630T and a Case IH Quadtrac STX535 found themselves out in an open field, and they weren't out there to do any farm work.

In the short but sweet tug of war match-up (YouTuber Blair Kosokowsky uploaded two videos of the competition), the Case IH Quadtrac ended up coming away with the victory. Since the John Deere 9630T weighs around 44,000 pounds and the Quadtrac STX535 weighs 52,000 pounds, the 8,000-pound weight advantage basically made it a no-brainer that the Case would come out on top.

As it turns out, the tug of war wasn't the only contest between the two tractors that day. For a bonus competition measuring speed and power, the John Deere and Case also went at it in not one, but two drag races. Now, these tractors weren't exactly flying down the field at ridiculously high speeds, but Quadtrac once again proved to be the superior vehicle that day. As the famous slogan goes, "If it ain't red, it stays in the shed."

That's just some classic country fun right there. Even if you're a diehard John Deere fan, you have to admit that the whole experience looked like one hell of an awesome field day (pun very much intended).

Win or lose, it'd be hard not to be grinning from ear to ear after spending an afternoon testing out traction, torque, and horsepower. That said, the day had to have been extra sweet for the operator of the Quadtrac.

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This post was originally published on May 18, 2020.

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