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Someone Designed This Kitchen to Look Like a Jeep, and This Takes Off-Road to a Whole Different Level


When we talk about modding here, it usually has to do with sweet things you can do to trick out a car, truck, SUV, or really anything on wheels. But, not all modifications that catch our eye are strictly vehicular in nature. Sometimes, an epic mod job can be of the home improvement variety, and when done right, these can be just as noteworthy as a good ol' fashioned car mod.

Pulled straight from the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Facebook page, this sick Jeep-inspired kitchen design may not be enough to save you from an impending zombie takeover, but it definitely puts a sick spin on the off-road lifestyle.

Even if you're not much of a DIY-type person, you have to admit that this Jeep kitchen setup looks at least a little bit awesome. It's a kitchen system customization that would be perfect for a cabin in Montana or a similar great outdoors type deal. A place where you could enjoy some quality camp cooking. Or it could be great for a house in the suburbs. Either way, the whole set-up would make for a pretty epic food prep area, that's for sure.

Not to mention that the little area of rocky terrain under the tires makes for a really nice touch. I'd love to see exactly how the mastermind went about putting this together, because it definitely seems like a project worth undertaking.


Now, considering that this heavy-duty kitchen design was uploaded to Facebook, it was to be expected that there were a few people who were going to have a problem with it. You know, social media being how it is. Every commenter has their opinion, and a lot of them weren't afraid to voice theirs. Hey, I get it. It is a pretty off-the-wall design and certainly not for everyone. We like it, anyway.

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This post was originally published on October 15, 2018.

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