100-Car Hot Wheels Demolition Derby
YouTube: Steve Wilkins

100-Car Hot Wheels Demolition Derby Is the Best Kind of Indoor Fun

Quarantine has been tough on all of us. Last March, Canadian realtor Steve Wilkins decided to post an entertaining video to lift spirits in the midst of the pandemic. He got together with his son and sponsored the first-ever Steve Wilkins Motor Speedway race...on his treadmill. Steve had his son race Hot Wheels cars on the home treadmill using tape and ribbon to keep the cars on the treadmill. Not only was this an ingenious marketing strategy, but it also was fun for his son!

Since then, Steve's channel has caught fire. His audience increased, and now his YouTube videos get hundreds of thousands of views. Though his content differs from time to time, the Steve Wilkins Motor Speedway is very much still active. Steve has an enormous collection of Hot Wheels cars, and he is constantly thinking up new ways to use them. His latest and greatest event was the 100-Car Demolition Derby. Be honest. You know you want to see what 100 Hot Wheels cars on a treadmill looks like.

Demolition Derby at Home

It definitely isn't Monza, but it is pretty epic. The setup alone is awe-inspiring, considering how long it took to arrange all those vehicles. Steve is an innovator. His content is unique, and his attention to detail is immaculate. For a home setup, this really does look like a professional scale model of what a 100-car demo derby would look like from a birdseye view.

Steve's audience gets a unique experience, and his son gets an in-house demolition derby. Sounds like a win-win. The results were actually quite unexpected. Within a few seconds, most of the vehicles were eliminated. Surprisingly, a small percentage of cars remained on the treadmill sticking to the front.

What started as a marketing tactic has become a legitimate YouTube channel and series. Steve Wilkins has made his treadmill speedway events bigger and better every time. The 100-car demolition derby is the most ambitious event yet. Though things are starting to open up and better days are on the horizon, we hope Steve continues to run his treadmill speedway for audiences and keep showing off his Hot Wheels collection.

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