highway robbery captured on teslacam
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Man Pulls a Smash and Grab in the Middle of Traffic, and It Was All Captured on Teslacam


Man, these Tesla cameras have been catching all kinds of crazy stuff lately. I have to give the automaker credit for including that feature on its vehicles, because it's saved lots of people from extra headache.

Earlier this year, a Teslacam caught this wicked highway robbery in San Francisco, California, and it was a bold move by these thieves to save the least.

At the beginning of the video, you'll witness a little traffic jam on a freeway on-ramp. Take note of the Prius that passes by, because things escalate pretty quickly. As the car passes, the video switches to the Tesla's front camera, which captures the real action. All of the sudden, a black Honda Accord pulls up right beside it. The back door swings open, and the robber quickly sneaks over to the Prius, shatters the back window, and snatches a bag from the trunk. Following this, he bolts back to the Honda, which takes off immediately. Quick in and out.


According to the description of the video, that bag was filled with some pretty expensive camera equipment worth around $7,000. You can see just how upset the Prius occupants were after jumping out of their vehicle. Now, I actually managed to pause this video and capture that Honda's plate number, so I'd assume that information was passed on to the police. Sometimes, that doesn't guarantee you'll find out who did it though. They could have decoy plates, or even be in a stolen vehicle. Regardless, that was some real low-life behavior, and I really hope they ended up getting caught.

Word of advice: Don't keep anything expensive right in front of window where people can see it. There are lots of shady people out there, but even I'm surprised that they went for this robbery in the middle of the day with so many witnesses around. A GoFundMe was created for the couple, and they did raise around the equal amount in the end.

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This post was originally published on April 12, 2021.


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