guy laughing at car accident
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Guy Can't Stop Laughing When Describing Accident Involving 4 Angry Old Ladies


Some people just have contagious laughter. When they start cracking up, you can't help but do the same. I'd consider this one of those instances, but the story itself that this guy tells is absolutely hilarious. He witnesses a car wreck right in front of him while on the phone, and as he describes what occurs following this, it just keeps getting better and better.

A car crash is normally no laughing matter. However, this isn't your typical car crash. According to the story, a man ran a red light and hit a Chevy Impala, which was occupied by four older ladies. After the man got out of his car to claim the other vehicle was at fault, he got an unsuspecting surprise. These old ladies weren't messing around, and quickly give this dude a beating for his actions. The man on the phone does his best to describe what he's seeing, but he's having trouble holding it together after watching this wild sequence of events unfold.

The guy witnessing the whole thing drops some downright hilarious comments in between his laughter. For instance, when he says, "There's a woman with a little black purse, she's tomahawking him, man! She looks like some sort of 20-horsepower jackhammer." Another good one was he said one woman "had a huge bag, about the size of her. She's about 4-foot-nothing. She hit him over the head, everything went all over the place, her bible fell. Oh! She just hit him in the head with a bible!" Eventually, the man who caused the car crash wises up and heads back to his car defeated.


It's nearly impossible to hear this without at least cracking a smile. While a fight between a man and four ladies is nothing to laugh at under normal conditions, the way this story was delivered was absolutely perfect.

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