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These 5 Useful and Affordable Items Can Make Any Trucker's Long Shift Easier


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If you're shopping for gifts for truckers, chances are you know about the hard work truckers put into getting our goods around the country. From fresh produce, hospital supplies, and heck, even the gifts we order from Amazon for ourselves, truckers truly make our lives easier.

Show your appreciation with these trucker gifts. They come in handy for truckin', relaxing, and more. These gifts are useful and of course, affordable. Grab these great gifts for your trucker dad, significant other, friends, employees, and family.

Items this gift guide doesn't include: Work gloves, stainless steel YETI tumblers, and coffee mugs. He probably has all those things already!


Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

1. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Here's a perfect gift for your favorite trucker. If your loved one is taking showers at truck stops, he needs a towel that's going to dry quickly. With a quick-drying towel, he can make a couple of uses of it before he feels like it has that weird towel smell.

Doing laundry isn't the most convenient thing on the road, so he (or she) will feel more comfortable reusing a towel like this for those long hauls.

2. Carhartt Men's Big and Tall Flame Resistant High Visibility T-Shirt

Okay, those funny trucker shirts are cool and all, but surprise your favorite truck driver with a useful shirt instead. This is a practical gift that lets your loved one know you're thinking of their safety.


Chances are, they have all the valuable gadgets, multi-tools, and first aid kit supplies they can think of, but they can never have enough clean shirts that could potentially save their life.

This high-visibility shirt will help drivers be seen if they have to pull over at night. It's one of the best truck driver gifts ever.

3. Stalwart Red/Black Electric Blanket

This high-quality heated blanket will come in handy for long periods of driving through cold winters! If your trucker drives long distance deliveries to places like Canada, then they're especially going to love this. (It's nice for Netflix and coffee breaks too.)

Long hours of being hot aren't fun, but neither is being cold. Driving when you feel like your toes are freezing is miserable. (Hint: You can even throw in a pair of heated socks. They'll make great stocking stuffers.)


The 12-volt blanket is Amazon's bestseller and has over 11,000 reviews. Get it for $25.

4. OIMIMY Store Toiletry Bag

Here's an awesome gift for truck driving. It's one of the best gifts for helping truckers stay organized when they stop for shower breaks. Between a highly organized dopp kit and a quick-drying towel, their shower experience will be much better.

5. "Drive Safe I Need You Here With Me" Trucker Keychain

Here's a unique gift that reminds your big rig trucker that you're thinking of them. It'll make for a great Christmas gift! The adorable keychain might even bring him to tears. Sentimental and personalized gifts tend to do that, no matter how tough the trucker!

This post was originally published on August 11, 2021.


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