Chevy vs. Ford Truck Pull
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Chevy vs. Ford: "Tug of War" Turns Loser Into a Nice Trailer


I'm not sure when exactly the truck tug of war or truck pull first started becoming a thing (maybe since the invention of trucks?), but all I know is that after watching my fair share of truck pull and tug of war videos on YouTube, it looks a ridiculously good time. I honestly can't get enough of these videos. Have you ever seen something like this go down? It's incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Take the tug of war video below, for example. It happened back in 2013 at some high school, which seems like the location of a decent number of truck tug-of-wars. That and dirt roads and abandoned construction sites. Anyway, the match-up in question is between a 1994 Ford F-350 powered by 460 big block engine and a Chevy powered by a built 454 cubic-inch power plant. Before even watching the video, you were probably able to guess that the Chevy truck didn't even really ever stand a chance (because of the sheer weight difference), but the utter domination put on by the Ford F-350 is really something to behold.

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I mean, the Ford absolutely BULLIED the Chevy here. Stole its lunch money, gave it a wedgie, shoved it in a locker, gave it a swirly, etc. You get the point. It's like the Chevy didn't even put up a fight. Just accepted its fate of basically being pulled along by the Ford for the rest of time. Again, there's no question that it was a pretty significant mismatch right from the jump, but damn, that was just an absolute massacre.

You hear that? Listen real close. That's the sound of the Chevy still being dragged around the block. Never to be seen again.

This video was originally published on September 7, 2018.

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