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Florida Man Turns Up the Party to 11 by Driving His ATV Into a Swimming Pool

If you've never been to a redneck pool party before, it's basically the same as a regular pool party, only at some point, someone will end up driving an ATV right into the swimming pool. Of course, I'm basing this assumption solely on the above video, because judging from everyone else's reaction, this sort of thing happens all the time.

Normally, this would be a hold-my-beer moment, but the Florida man (naturally it's a Florida man) behind the wheel of the 2013 Can-Am XMR 1000 kept his beer in his hand the whole time and didn't even spill a drop. I mean, that's pretty damn impressive. Get this guy on America's Got Talent, because he's clearly got a gift.

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Now, getting the ATV out of the pool proved to be a much harder task than getting it in, but with the help of a few of his buddies, the king of the rednecks was able to see his Can-Am live another day.

As it turns out, this actually isn't the first time that the Florida man, aka Dusten Smith, took his ATV for a little dip in the drink.

A couple years before the above video, Smith pulled off some epic late-night swimming pool shenanigans -- almost sending the Can-Am 1000 straight through his house in the process.

After watching both of these videos, I'm convinced that you can't really have a true pool party unless an ATV is involved. I guess technically you could, but unless you end the party with a massive four-wheeler going for an impromptu swimming session, you can't say that it was a smashing success.

Just remember that the next time you plan on having a pool party of your own.

This post was originally published on November 12, 2018.

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