driver brushes snow of car window
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Driver Gets Frustrated With Snowy Car in Front of Him and Decides to Do Something About It


As you may have seen a time or two before, whether in person or in a viral video, drivers in Canada love taking it upon themselves to brush the snow off of other folks' vehicles. This act has even been referred to as "Canadian road rage." Hey, the version of road rage in the Great White North sure beats the whole middle finger and pull over so I can beat your ass type of vibe.

In this below example of Canadian road rage, a brief stop at a red light made for the perfect opportunity for a driver to do a good deed.

Snow brush in hand, the driver worked his magic on a car that was absolutely caked in snow. Hopefully, the only finger that the driver of the said car flashed was a thumbs up after everything was all said and done.


"Driver ahead was hindering traffic behind them due to trying to avoid police next to them," the Good Samaritan driver wrote in the video's description.

"They were avoiding getting in front of the police so they couldn't see the snow-covered window/plate/lights (which is illegal in our province) I was frustrated because we were stuck behind the said vehicle for blocks now. I ran out at the next light to remove the snow and the rest is history."

Now, the driver says he was "frustrated," but the way he showed his frustration was the ultimate attempt to pay it forward.

Not only did he save someone from the hassle of getting a ticket, but also created a much safer driving experience for everyone on the road. When the driver's back window was covered, his rear view window was completely useless, putting both him and other drivers in the road in a dangerous situation.


You gotta love Canadian road rage!

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