extreme logging ford f-350
YouTube: WhistlinDiesel

Extreme Logging in a F-350? Sign Us Up!



After reading the title, you might think that this "extreme logging" video would just show an F-350 impressively pulling tons of logs on its gooseneck trailer, right? Wrong. This video is actually pretty much a tutorial on how to destroy a nice diesel truck WITH logs. Then again, I would expect nothing less from the guys over at popular YouTube channel WhistlinDiesel.

This video may be painful for some to watch, but there's no denying that it's entertaining watching them beat up a $100,000 truck. The F-350 already shows a good amount of damage on it at the beginning, but these guys take that to an entirely different level. As the first obstacle, they attempt to drive over a series of large logs placed on the ground. The first attempt went fairly decent, but as the truck goes for the second and third rounds over the logs, it gets jammed up pretty good, bending many of the traction bars and suspension components along the way.

As it goes for the last attempts over the logs, the driver throttles hard, and you can really see the truck going through hell. By the time it's finished, the front lift is practically non-existent, with no space between the front wheels and fenders. Things go south even more when he decides to load all of the logs onto the back of the pickup to see if it could haul them. The suspension completely flattens under the 10-ton weight, and the rear bumper is basically scraping the ground. The tires squish basically down to the rims, but they still give it a shot anyway.


Amazingly, this F-350 does move the logs around for quite some time, before struggling with overheating issues. It's pretty astounding that the thing is still even able to drive at this point. Who knew that you could put these Ford trucks through so much abuse. There's not many people out that have a desire to destroy their expensive toys, but trust me when I say this is nothing compared to what you'll see on the rest of the WhistlinDiesel channel. Check it out!

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