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Redneck Prankster Tows 10 Shopping Carts on Riding Mower for Hilarious Video


If Steve Jessup had a catchphrase, it would probably be "I know my rights." Hell, it's even the name of his website, where he posts videos, podcasts, and even sells his own merch.

But, as much as Steve claims to be keenly aware of his own constitutional liberties, something tells us that he and local law enforcement aren't exactly on the same page most of the time. That "something" we're talking about happens to be all the off-the-wall videos he posted to his YouTube channel back in the day, which offered a hilarious look into his, let's just say, redneckish side.

As the host of "Steve's Show," Jessup (who also refers to himself as "Steve DUI the riding lawn mower guy" and "DUI Steve") made quite the name for himself for his "drunken" shenanigans. In this particular episode, he has the bright idea of driving a lawnmower drunk while pulling 10 shopping carts behind him.


Of course, just like with most of Steve's stunts, the cops ended up getting called for his attempted shopping cart theft. It turns out that the responding police officer wasn't all too amused by Steve's antics and, well, you can probably guess how the rest goes from there.

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If you didn't already gather this by now, this whole thing, like all of Steve's videos, was just a harmless prank. It's not like Steve's actually out there trying to steal shopping carts or operating a scissor lift while drunk and high, or getting tased for drunkenly riding a lawnmower. Even still, it all makes for some grade-A entertainment.

Never change, Steve. Never change.


This post was originally published on September 28, 2018.

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