kid rides lawn mower toy
YouTube: ViralHog

Dad Makes Lawn Mower Toy For His Son, Who Enjoys One Wild Ride

Okay, now this is one hell of a contraption. I've never quite seen something like this, but it definitely looks like a fun time. This toy is absolutely perfect for entertaining kids, so I take my hat off to this dad who apparently just created this because he enjoys making things.

What started as just an ordinary lawn mower ended up turning into one of the coolest rides after this dad was done tinkering with it. Take a look at the video to see it in action, but I think it's pretty clear by his son's reaction that it was well worth the time invested. Hell, I'm not even a kid, but I'd love to try it out myself. The best part? The dad can control the machine while he's sitting down enjoying a cold one.

Now, I didn't think it looked all that dangerous at first. That was, until this dad's other young son went walking over to his brother while he was still spinning around. Luckily, he does manage to avoid getting hit by the the rotating chair, but it certainly was a close call. Maybe just make sure the coast is clear before you going flailing around on this thing. Other than that, this is a pretty unique little invention. I bet if you took this to the street, you'd have all the neighborhood kids wanting to take a turn.

It does make me wonder a bit about what other things this dad has made in his spare time. I'm sure his garage is an interesting place, but I'm sure the kids don't mind when a new toy like this shows up. Overall, with the joy it brought to his son, I'd call this invention a pretty great success. Then again, it is all fun and games until the puking starts.

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