tank crushes car and jet ski

Tank Crushes Everything in Its Path, From a Car to a Jet Ski


The guys over at Bullet Proof Diesel really hit the mother lode with their Chieftain tank. Ever since they got their hands on the 55-ton monstrosity a couple years back, they've been using it to crush just about everything under the sun.

In the below video, they really put this bad boy to task, as it lays waste to everything from a full-sized car to an army of toy soldiers. Check it out!

For everyone who wasn't keeping track, here's the full list of things that the Chieftain tank crushes in the test video.

  • A car
  • A dishwasher
  • A lawn mower
  • A TV
  • A stationary bike
  • A table saw
  • A drum kit
  • A metal filing cabinet
  • A case of Milwaukee's Best beer (Hey, I would've drank those!)
  • A sink
  • A toilet
  • A fan
  • 3 plastic drums
  • A bunch of firecrackers
  • A can of beets
  • A toy tank and soldiers
  • A weight bench
  • A garden gnome (RIP, little buddy)
  • A can of Fix-a-Flat
  • A coffee machine
  • A bowling ball inside a motorcycle helmet
  • Off-brand 6.0L FICM
  • A stove
  • A grill

That's a hell of a lot of stuff, right? But, wait, there's more! And, by more, we mean there's a whole other video where the tank crushes even more things. Huzzah!

Once again, here's a list of the thing that the Chieftain runs through in Part 2. It's not as much as the first edition, but we'd say that this beast more than proved its crushing power the first time around.

  • Another car
  • 200 cans of soda in a metal cabinet
  • A lockbox/safe
  • A jet ski
  • A washer AND dryer
  • A cash register
  • Another TV
  • A cooler full of beer (probably Milwaukee's Best again)
  • A printer
  • A pumpkin
  • EGR cooler core
  • A festive fireplace
  • Jason Voorhees

Hot damn, was that fun to watch or what? Here's hoping the Bullet Proof Diesel Team comes out with a Part 3 to this series soon!


This post was originally published on May 29, 2020.

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