chevy big-block lawnmower
YouTube: Thomas Barker

Big-Block Chevy Mower Goes on Rumbling Test Drive Down Country Roads


Thomas Barker is no stranger to pulling off impressive feats of country-style engineering. Several years ago, the farmer and gearhead outfitted his riding lawnmower with a massive Chevrolet big block engine, and this thing is a wonderful beast of a machine. I mean, this turbo lawn tractor is closer to a race car than it is to a piece of lawn equipment. Needless to say, you wouldn't want to cut your grass in this thing. Unless, you like the look of a shredded-up front yard.

Back in 2014, Barker took his souped-up mower for a test drive, and thankfully, he was kind enough to take us along for a ride by recording the whole thing and uploading it to YouTube. We get a pretty great look at the mower's power and speed, as Barker really opens up the throttle on this bad boy. Just listen to how it sounds in the below video. That's music to our ears!

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"This is literally the most American thing I have ever seen," writes one YouTube commenter. I don't know if this lawnmower is the most American thing. Apple pie and baseball may still have it beat. But, we'd be willing to at least put it in the top 10.

Folks have definitely been big fans of Barker's creation, as his road test video racked up more 6 million views on YouTube alone. Due to its popularity, Barker decided to celebrate big view count milestones via Instagram updates.


Barker -- who uses his monstrous mower to give demonstrations and make appearances at local auto shows -- definitely crafted himself quite the beauty. Well done, sir!

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This post was originally published on October 23, 2019.

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