big block chevy lawnmower YouTube: Thomas Barker
YouTube: Thomas Barker

Nothing better than some good old-fashioned redneck engineering, right? Case and point, several years ago, farmer Thomas Barker outfitted his riding lawnmower with a massive Chevrolet big block engine, and this thing was as badass as it gets. I mean, this turbo lawn tractor is closer to a race car than it is to a piece of lawn equipment.

Back in 2014, Barker took his Chevy-stuffed mower for a test drive, and thankfully, he was kind enough to take us along for a ride. Well, not literally, he just filmed it, but we get a pretty great look at the mower’s power and speed. He really opened up the throttle on it, that’s for sure. Just listen to how it sounds!

Watch the Big Block Chevy Lawnmower Road Test

Per Speed Society:

Thanks to a head mounted GoPro, we’re able to watch as the mower putts along in the streets, showing the world what it’s capable of when it goes wide open throttle and screams down the street, letting everyone within an earshot hear the bellow of the open headers.

Even a stock big block should be good for 300 horsepower or so, which coupled with the extremely light weight of a lawn tractor suddenly has this looking like a lot more than just a silly redneck contraption.

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With over 5 million views on YouTube, folks have definitely been big fans of Barker’s creation, and the farmer decided to celebrate big view count milestones via Instagram updates.

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Barker — who uses his souped-up mower to give demonstrations and make appearances at local auto shows — definitely crafted himself quite the beauty!

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