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The International Monster Truck Museum Is Moving to Indiana

BUTLER, Ind. (AP) -- A shrine to the best drivers and builders in the history of monster truck competition is relocating from one northern Indiana town to another.

The International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame, currently housed at Kruse Plaza in Auburn, is moving to the former Eagles lodge in Butler, museum president Jeff Cook announced Nov. 14.

The 12,700-square-foot building -- which has been vacant since February 2018 -- will allow the museum to expand and display more than a dozen of its historic monster trucks, as well as monster trucks currently used on tour, once renovated.

With the move, Cook said he hopes the museum will also serve as a stopping point for monster truck drivers who are traveling to different shows.

"This has a lot of potential," Cook said in the museum's announcement. "This is going to be for the whole monster truck family. We want this to be for generations upon generations down the road to tell the story of how monster trucks have brought joy to our lives."

A monster truck parade is planned for next spring, in addition to an open house sometime in May or June, Cook said.

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