200 pounds of tannerite blows up 3 cars
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Tannerite Sends 3-Car Tower to Kingdom Come


It might be a little hard to tell what's happening in this video, which was clearly shot from a cell phone in a remote, hidden location. But, if you watch on, you'll get to enjoy quite the explosive spectacle.

But, what we have here, in a wide open field, is allegedly 200 pounds of tannerite, packed under a stack of cars that are not long for this world. And, just in front of the camera, protected by the bed of a light-duty pickup truck, we have a gentleman with a shotgun who's about to usher those cars to Rust Heaven.

Tannerite, for those who don't have a habit of blowing things up, is a brand of binary, or two-component, explosive. The components are oxidizers and a fuel, such as aluminum powder. Generally speaking, this combination is pretty stable until activated via a process of violent combustion -- such as a bullet from a shotgun.

You may be wondering how someone managed to get 200 pounds of tannerite under a stack of three cars. Honestly, the most intriguing part of the equation is the stack of three cars. Tannerite is not regulated by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, because the components are sold separately, and the explosive properties are not activated without the bullet.

But, in this case, the components are definitely activated. Take a peak as this marksman nails his shot just right, and watch these cars blow sky-high.

You may have many questions after watching this video. Where do you get three blown-out vehicles to stack? How do you stack them? How much does 200 pounds of tannerite cost? And, as some commenters have asked, is that really 200 pounds of tannerite?

And, perhaps more importantly, who's going to clean up all of this mess?

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