1986 Ford TW-15
YouTube: Tractorspotter

This '86 Ford Tractor Is a Beast in the Field



Cultivating soil in a large field after a busy harvest is no easy task. That's why you need to have a tractor that has enough power under the hood so that it can actually tear up the dirt, even though it's become extremely compacted. Normally, more modern tractors are used for this chore, however, this guy decides to go the more exciting route by using his hobby tractor.

What you're looking at is a 1986 Ford TW-15. Let me assure you this is no ordinary old tractor. If you couldn't tell by the massive tires, the black smoke, and the big exhaust, this thing had some serious modifications done to it. This tractor originally came with 138 horsepower from the factory, but the owner has managed to increase that to 250 horsepower. Just listen to that turbo sing as he gives it some throttle!

The cinematic shots that are filmed of this tractor working the field definitely grab your attention. Not only do you see a beautiful sunny blue sky and green grass, but it's alongside a large body of water and next to some tall windmills. It looks like the ideal place for a farmer. However, the star of the show is still the Ford. Listening to that machine power through the job should be music to anyone's ears. Without a doubt, he's putting that diesel to work.


There were a few moments where the tractor would get a bit bogged down. In fact, there was even one moment where the cultivator brought it to a complete stop and stalled the engine. That being said, once it gained momentum, there was no slowing it down. You can hear the driver shifting gears to find that perfect sweet spot. When it comes to a day of work on the farm, I'd take this thing over a modern traditional tractor any day.

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