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This V8-Powered Hot Rod Got Everyone's Attention at the Car Show

Car meets are events where auto lovers can get together and feast their eyes on vehicles of all types, whether they be tricked-out drag racing cars or ridiculously sleek vintage rides. There isn't always an air of competitiveness or one-upmanship at these sorts of gatherings. Typically, there's a vibe of appreciativeness and camaraderie. It's not like they give out first-place ribbons or trophies at a car meet. It's more of a show and tell (or a show and show some more) type deal.

Of course, not everyone comes to a car meet to hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." Some folks are there to blow everyone away with their ride, whether it be from a performance or an aesthetic standpoint.

With that in mind, when a V8-powered hot rod showed up to a car meet back in 2013, it wasn't there to make any friends. It was there to make a scene. To show up every car in the near vicinity. And, like an absolute bully, this hot rod delivered.

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Wow. Those four-cylinder tuners didn't know what hit them. They sounded like a couple of buzzing bees when compared to the beastly revving of the hot rod. Just look at that thing rumble! It set off car alarms just from starting up. Now THAT is pure power.

Needless to say, this hot rod was there to blow out ear drums and chew bubble gum, and it was all out of bubble gum. Not to mention, that eye-popping purple paint job just adds to this ride's epicness. That's just some good old fashioned American muscle. You gotta love it.

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This post was originally published on August 9, 2016.

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