Watch a young man struggle to handle this awesome 1966 Ford Galaxie


Take a look at your cell phone. If it's more than a couple years old, chances are it's outdated and doesn't excite you any longer. Cars and cell phones are similar in the sense that they become obsolete and outdated quickly. The difference is, when was the last time you reminisced on the good times with your old iPhone2? Do you ever fire it up just to see how slow it is or how many apps you were missing?

Classic cars are exciting and fun. They get noticed and we just can't stop restoring them and spending big bucks to get our hands on a rare model. On paper, any new car would blow them out of the water. But that doesn't matter, we love our classic cars because they tickle emotions you can only have with an automobile.
In this video by ThatDudeinblue, David reviews a lightly restored and not running so well 1966 Ford Galaxie. Ford was on its third generation Galaxie by then and the car was primarily used as an everyday driver, typically bought by a family due to its space and practicality. This particular model has the 352 cubic inch V8 and the owner modified it slightly with a cam and different carburetor.
David really enjoys his time with the car and the owner was so excited for the review, he drove 14 hours from New York State to Atlanta, Georgia.
Just try to spend 14 hours with your old phone without going crazy.